The Federation of Canadian Manufacturers in Japan: Market Development and Business Support Services in Japan

Federation of Canadian Manufacturers in Japan

Japan Market Development Specialists
Minimizing Risk, Reducing Costs and Maximizing Revenues

The FCMJ Advantage

The FCMJ provides Canadian companies with a broad range of benefits and expertise to establish and maintain successful long term growth in Japan.

  • Instant Japanese Office – From day one our clients can leverage decades of experience, market expertise, cultural awareness and deep customer relationships to achieve targets in the shortest possible time frame. FCMJ staff is fully accountable to the local needs of our client’s as if we were branch office staff. Real time support and communication with Japanese partners creates a strong client synergy helping to build strong customer relationships and accelerate market penetration.
  • Broad Industry Coverage – capabilities in multiple industry sectors including Semiconductor, Intellectual Property, Electronics, Display Equipment, Audio-Visual, Automotive, Construction, Industrial Equipment, Medical, Metals and Advanced Materials, Clean Technologies, Consumer Products, Gaming, Entertainment and more. In addition to leveraging existing contacts we are also extremely effective at identifying partners and initiating business in new industry sectors.
  • Comprehensive Support – services are fully customizable and scalable to meet the needs of companies at any stage of market development. We work closely with each client through pre-entry, implementation and post entry phases to satisfy support requirements and ensure that strategic objectives are achieved from basic market intelligence through long term channel management to establishment of an independent local office entity.
  • Channel Optimization – our office presence enables clients to achieve optimum market flexibility and control over how their products are sold as well as the ability to channel products and services through the most comprehensive structure. Clients can establish and support any channel structure to meet strategic requirements whether through single distributorship or multi-tiered channels, systems integrators, wholesalers, OEM and direct end user accounts.
  • Reduced Entry Costs – by tapping into our infrastructure and business network, clients can effectively assess market opportunities and implement optimum short and long term strategies at a fraction of the cost compared to establishing a local office, maintaining a higher return on investment through all phases of market development.
  • Market Commitment – Respect, trust and commitment are fundamental requirements and a precursor to successful business in Japan. Working with the FCMJ shows a strong up front commitment to the Japanese market and will help to establish strong customer relationships in the shortest possible time.
  • Market Awareness – FCMJ clients receive accurate and unbiased updates and market feedback to ensure they are constantly aware of the actual situation in their industry.