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Pre-Entry services enable clients to assess their competitive environment, market opportunities and strategic options, and make the necessary preparations for market entry.

Market Assessment

With a thorough understanding of client objectives, FCMJ will combine desk research and exploratory meetings with prospective partners, customers and industry associations to deliver the information needed to fully understand local market dynamics and quantify opportunities prior to initiating a market entry strategy.

A typical assessment program can include:

  • Details of target markets including size, trends, segments and characteristics.
  • Competitive landscape including breakdown of local and foreign competition, corporate profiles, financials and product offerings.
  • Breakdown of distribution structure and available distribution channels.
  • Details of channel partner options, corporate profiles, competitive offerings and financial information.
  • Field generated feedback regarding product feasibility, acceptability and strategic options within target markets.
  • Identification of applicable government regulations, import tariffs, certification requirements and potential barriers.
  • Details of appropriate trade shows, seminars, industry events and media to showcase products.
  • Recommendations regarding optimum channel structure, primary target partners for approach, strategic implementation and associated costs.

Investigatory Trip

A focused investigatory trip provides a quick look at the market landscape for companies wishing to test the waters prior to committing resources to a market entry and development program. Through a series of meetings with a representative group of potential customers, channel partners, industry organizations and experts, clients can obtain first hand feedback and gain valuable insight about opportunities and challenges from a cross section of target market players. This program can be conducted independently or combined with an industry trade show, seminar or related industry event.

Market Preparation

First impressions are critical to initiating successful business relationships especially for foreign firms in Japan. The degree of preparation put into presentation materials which are modified to the Japanese culture and business environment will show a strong sign of market commitment and can be the basis for future consideration with customers and channel partners.

FCMJ will translate marketing materials such as client literature, PowerPoint presentations, corporate profiles, brochures, datasheets and manuals and business cards to ensure that the client’s corporate and product message is properly conveyed to the market through all aspects of market entry and promotion. We can also assist with content translation, establishment and management of a localized Japanese web presence.