The Federation of Canadian Manufacturers in Japan: Market Development and Business Support Services in Japan

Federation of Canadian Manufacturers in Japan

Japan Market Development Specialists
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As the client’s Japan liaison and sales development office, FCMJ will implement longer term sales activities, channel management and business partner support or evaluate and restructure existing channels as required.

Channel Management & Liaison

Day to day support and liaison activities can be optimized to the requirements of companies targeting a variety of channel strategies including exclusive distributor, multi tiered distribution, systems integrator, OEM and direct end user sales and include most activities expected of a branch office.  Among the many activities we can:

  • Coordinate and monitor sales activities, support requirements and performance of local channel partners including regular commercial reviews and progress updates.
  • Assist with liaison and translation of day to day correspondence including email, quotations, sales and technical materials, activity and meeting reports, interpreting during conference calls etc. 
  • Support ongoing OEM and direct sales development, account management and customer follow-up requirements.
  • Organize itineraries and logistics for regular sales and technical visits by home office personnel including meeting attendance and translation.
  • Attend regular follow-up and sales meetings as required between trips by Canadian principals.
  • Provide real time follow-up and customer support for troubleshooting and emergency support issues.
  • Provide regular market information and updates on client’s industry in Japan.

Channel Evaluation & Realignment

When partner performance or market penetration is below expectations, FCMJ will evaluate the existing channel partners to identify problem areas and recommend measures to resolve critical issues or alternatively realign channel structure.

  • Evaluate existing partner’s performance, market strategy and coverage, support structure, pricing policy and general sales activities.
  • Coordinate with partner to assess situation, identify problem areas, initiate improvements and provide independent support as required. 
  • Evaluate alternative distribution strategies and identify additional or replacement channel partners in line with client’s strategic objectives.
  • Initiate contact with qualified partners and negotiate working terms and agreements.
  • Assist in negotiations with existing distributor during transition stage to minimize impact on other partners or customers.
  • Maintain regular liaison with new channel partners to monitor and support activities.