The Federation of Canadian Manufacturers in Japan: Market Development and Business Support Services in Japan

Federation of Canadian Manufacturers in Japan

Japan Market Development Specialists
Minimizing Risk, Reducing Costs and Maximizing Revenues

Office Establishment

For companies whose strategies involve direct entry level investment in a Japanese office or for those who have generated sufficient traction and sales through existing channels and require the increased bandwidth of an independent local office, FCMJ will assist in establishment and transitional support of an optimized office structure.

  • Evaluate and offer advice on available office structure options, associated start-up and running costs.
  • Advice on staffing requirements, recruitment, salary and benefits packages and assistance in recruiting and integrating staff  into the new entity and client’s corporate environment.
  • Allocate office space that satisfies corporate image, budget, location and future growth needs and negotiate with real estate agents on client’s behalf. 
  • Assist with registration process of Japanese representative, branch or subsidiary office.
  • Provide ongoing customer and sales support until office transition is complete as required.
  • Act as resident representative, representative director or provide managerial support as may be required by principal.