The Federation of Canadian Manufacturers in Japan: Market Development and Business Support Services in Japan

Federation of Canadian Manufacturers in Japan

Japan Market Development Specialists
Minimizing Risk, Reducing Costs and Maximizing Revenues

Market Implementation

FCMJ provides support for companies to execute market entry strategies and initiate channel partner relationships.

Trade Show Support

Exhibiting in a major trade show can be an ideal opportunity to showcase products in the market place and generate key contacts with potential customers and channel partners. FCMJ assists with registration, booth design and set-up, promotional material translation, on-site interpretation for home office attendees and evaluation of show contacts and inquiries. We also help clients to maximize trade show results through post show background research and follow up with contacts, introductory meetings with prospective channel partners as well as organizing introductory sales trips by home office staff.

Channel Partner Development

Using a combination of existing contacts, introductions and direct promotion, FCMJ will engage and evaluate the partner prospects with the greatest potential of maximizing market coverage and achieving revenue targets. This will involve a screening process through introductory meetings with prospective distributors, OEM, direct sales, licensees, joint venture and other partners to determine interest levels, compatibility, product requirements, identify key department contacts and decision making structure. The result will be a short list of partners recommended for initiating development activities.
We will also arrange follow-up meetings with selected target partners to be attended by home office technical and sales staff for detailed product presentations and discussions regarding customer technical/support requirements, development of sales strategies and business plans, arrangement of product evaluations and putting NDA’s into place to lay the basic groundwork for ongoing cooperation and development activities.