The Federation of Canadian Manufacturers in Japan: Market Development and Business Support Services in Japan

Federation of Canadian Manufacturers in Japan

Japan Market Development Specialists
Minimizing Risk, Reducing Costs and Maximizing Revenues

Welcome to FCMJ

Market entry, market development and business support services for Canadian manufacturers in Japan

The Federation of Canadian Manufacturers in Japan is a dedicated local office presence providing cost effective, low risk market access, development and sales support for Canadian technology companies wishing to establish or expand their existing business in Japan.

Established with Canadian Government support, since 1984 we have represented companies, as their Japan liaison office, in diverse industry sectors to develop and implement optimum short and long term strategies and provide the local support structure crucial to generating revenues and servicing stringent Japanese customer requirements.

Our comprehensive end to end solution includes opportunity assessment and strategic planning, partner selection, sales and channel development, account management and long term liaison until sufficient market bandwidth is generated to justify establishment of a permanent office presence.

The FCMJ offers all the benefits of a sales office, without the associated cost and risk, providing optimum flexibility, greater market control and scalability to create the customer support structure and traction needed to accelerate time to market and generate sustainable long term revenues in Japan.

Benefits of the FCMJ:

– Instant Japanese Office Presence
– Broad Industry Coverage
– Comprehensive Business Support
– Channel Optimization
– Reduced Entry Costs
– Real Time Client Support
– Maximized Market Penetration


Core Capabilities:

– Market Assessment
– Entry and Channel Strategy
– Partner Search
– Partner & Account Management
– Direct Sales Support
– Channel Restructuring
– Office Establishment